The Nicholas Roerich Museum is situated in the very heart of Moscow, on the territory of the Lopoukhins’ ancient city estate. It hardly resembles other art museums and galleries. Its history and fate are as unique and unusual as the life of the man whose name it bears.

To Svetoslav Nikolayevich Roerich belongs the initiative to build the first cultural institution of a new type in the country, the Nicholas Roerich Public Museum, in honor of a great painter, thinker, versatile scientist, talented pedagogue, and famous public figure. The Museum was established as a public cultural center according to Svetoslav Roerich’s understanding of Сulture. Since, in his opinion, a cultural organization must not be a state organization, but a public one. As S. Roerich had predicted, a considerable independence in the use of new approaches together with the potential for wide-ranged cultural initiatives and a versatile collaboration with the International community beyond any departmental barriers, allowed to create in Russia a unique synthetic cultural center. A Museion of the 21st century was established: an emanation of the new times and new cultural and historical tasks.

The Museum contents comprises the Roerichs’ priceless cultural heritage passed on to the Soviet Roerichs’ Foundation (now International Center of the Roerichs) by Svetoslav Roerich in 1990. Exceptionally rich in terms of artistic, philosophic and scientific content, it carries in itself a new cosmic world view for which new interest grows more each year.

The core of the Roerichs’ heritage is the philosophy of cosmic reality — the Living Ethics, which develops the idea of a close relationship between man and Cosmos, contains knowledge which assists in understanding the specific features peculiar to the new evolutionary stage of mankind’s development.

The Museum exhibition, created by the Nicholas Roerich Museum General Director Ludmila Shaposhnikova reflects the key stages in life and the creative path of our great compatriots and acquaints the visitors with their truly dedicated activities. Unique exhibits saturated with spiritual energy fill the ancient vaulted halls with a special aura.