An Inter-Cultural museum FOR Peace in Geneva

Project Details

Date : Depuis 2017
Volunteer Name : Genève

Project Description

Thanks to the Roerich international network of Banners of Peace all around the world and in particular with the support of the International Roerich Center in Moscow, the Circle International of Banner of Peace wishes to create an Inter-Cultural Museum FOR Peace.

The aim is to promote the humanist and artistic work of the ROERICH family in connection with the Roërich Museum in New York and other foreign representative structures such as the Russian and Indian governments. As well as all other associations and organizations that share similar goals in the world.

But in contrary to other museums ‘against war’, the goal of that international cultural center is to host private collections designed to promote awareness of the importance of a culture of peace.

In this space, we will propose:

  • Permanent and temporary cultural exhibitions
  • Events of exchanges between all the actors of the Peace
  • Promoting Private Sector working for Peace
  • Exchanges with the Nicholas Roerich Museum in New York
  • A dedicated shop
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