Our mission

Our vision

Awaken the consciousnesses by means of the education in the universal culture leaving of the report that our humanity approaches a new cycle. This by emphasizing the alternating currents of any disciplines carriers of new solutions for our planet. This to work at the global Unity(Unit) and the well-being of the humanity. She(it) considers that the Peace cannot prevail without the respect for the Universal rights, the increase of the cultural level and the strengthening of the International Authorities dedicated to the same objectives. As such she(it) aligns itself with the Charter of the United Nations of June, 1945 “

Promoting Treaties & Conventions

Promote Treaties and Conventions relative to the protection of the international Cultural heritage of which the Treaty of the Hague of 1954.
Favor the peace and the World Unity(Unit) through the culture the Banner of the Peace of which is the symbol inspirer. It in collaboration activates the International specialized Authorities among which the UNO, Unesco, the Red Cross and Green Cross.

Promoting the symbol of the 'Banner of the Peace'

Promote and help in the deployment of the symbol of the ‘ Banner of the Peace ‘ called also the ‘ Red Cross of the Culture ‘ by the ICRC. The CIBP is also in connection with Green Cross and support the Charter of the Earth.

International Foundation dedicated to the Culture

To reach our goals, we are setting up in Geneva an International Foundation dedicated to the Culture resting on three pillars of Pax-Cultura: spirituality, Art and Science.

Organisation Free and Independent

Considering the foundations of the Conventions and International Protocols, in particular the Pact Roerich of 1935 and the Convention of The Hague of May 14th, 1954, striking dates for the protection of the cultural heritage in case of armed conflict, we stipulate expressly that the here created body is free of any link whatever political, denominational, religious or philosophic organization it is.

Investor Relations

As an investor, you have the opportunity to impact the economic growth by working in partnership with local businesses and government officials to promote region’s economic health and vitality. Your investment exposes you to a diverse community of influencers to expand your personal and professional networks. All contributions are tax deductible.

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