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The Mystery of Roerich’s Expedition

Here is a wealth of collections including literary, artistic and ethnographic exhibits concerning political, mystical and cloak-and-dagger riddles. Nicholas Roerich’s Central Asian expedition is the greatest journey of the 20th century. «Is the heart of Asia beating? Is it not muffled by the sand? Bodeful and merciless waves of sand are all around from Brahmaputra to Irtysh and from the Yellow river to the Caspian Sea. The walls of ancient cities, gnawed by the time, overspread with nibbled skeletons. Where did the great travelers pass, the people of resettlements?” Excerpt from book “The heart of Asia ” by Nicholas Roerich.

Regenerating Neighborhoods with Cultural Heritage: Jeffrey Morgan

Jeffrey Morgan is Director of Real Estate Development for Historic Boston Incorporated. He received his Bachelor of Architecture degree from Iowa State University and his Master in Real Estate and Urban Development degree from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. His design work has garnered awards in affordable housing, historic preservation, master planning, and urban design. Jeffrey is an Edward M. Gramlich Fellow of the Harvard University Joint Center for Housing Studies and NeighborWorks America, where his research involves the role of community development corporations at the intersection of micro-business development and inner-city neighborhood business district redevelopment.

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UNESCO History

The c was born on 16 November 1945 UNESCO works to create the conditions for dialogue among civilizations, cultures and peoples, based upon respect for commonly shared values. It is through this dialogue that the world can achieve global visions of sustainable development encompassing observance of human rights, mutual respect and the alleviation of poverty, all of which are at the heart of UNESCO’S mission and activities.

Nicholas Roerich – UNED Documento

La vida de Nicholas Roerich, uno de los personajes más fascinantes del siglo XX, transcurre entre sus viajes, sus escritos y sus cuadros. Nació en 1874 en San Petersburgo. Desde niño demostró intereses aparentemente heterogéneos: el coleccionismo de objetos prehistóricos, minerales y monedas, el estudio de árboles y plantas y el dibujo. Su esposa Helena, a la que conoció tras estudiar Bellas Artes por vocación y Derecho por imposición paterna, tocaba el piano, escribió un libro sobre el budismo y tradujo al ruso “La Doctrina secreta de Madame Blavatsky” Juntos, Nicholas y Helena fundaron la sociedad mística Agni Yoga. Poco después Nicholas obtuvo el cargo de director de una sociedad artística.

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