The Nicholas Roerich Museum (Moscow)

The Nicholas Roerich Museum is situated in the very heart of Moscow, on the territory of the Lopoukhins’ ancient city estate. It hardly resembles other art museums and galleries. Its history and fate are as unique and unusual as the life of the man whose name it bears.

To Svetoslav Nikolayevich Roerich belongs the initiative to build the first cultural institution of a new type in the country, the Nicholas Roerich Public Museum, in honor of a great painter, thinker, versatile scientist, talented pedagogue, and famous public figure. The Museum was established as a public cultural center according to Svetoslav Roerich’s understanding of Сulture.

Roerich. Time to gather stones… (2007)

The Roerichs. Their names are inscribed in golden letters in the annals of the world and of Russian culture. Nicholas Roerich, Helena Roerich, their sons — Yuri and Svetoslav.

Each of them left a unique trace within the cultural space of the planet. The extraordinary harmony of this great family, in which each member was irreplaceable, unique and highly talented, represents both its spiritual and creative Unity, which strikes and arouses our admiration.

In the short biographies presented on the site, we can find only the outlines of their life. An impetuous, fearless and heroic life,

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