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Safeguarding Cultural Heritage under Threat

Take a look at some of the action that UNESCO and its partners are taking to safeguard the world’s cultural heritage wherever it may be under threat, along with some of the difficult challenges faced. From experts and international organizations to law enforcement and governments, this is a truly global problem that requires the whole world to come together to ‪#Unite4Heritage.

The power of culture in a global society: Discover your cultural heritage

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. As an exchange student at a high school in the United States, Nahomi Aso had an experience that left a lasting impact on her life. As our world becomes globalized, there’s an increasing demand for strong communication skills. But is it just communication skills that we need in order to thrive in an international environment? Nahomi shares her insights into what’s truly important for us, and the cultural identity we should embrace.

3D scanning and preserving cultural heritage: Makenna Murray at TEDxWellesleyCollege

Makenna Murray is a senior at Wellesley College with a major in History and a concentration in Architectural History, where developed an interest in the built environment and the role of historic structures in in the modern landscape. She has worked with a variety of preservation organizations in her home state of California., ranging from local Historical Societies to CyArk, the internationally-reaching nonprofit. She hopes to bring history up-to-date so to speak with a degree in historic preservation. A life-long wanderer, Makenna will be completing a south-bound through hike of the Appalachian Trail following graduating in June before applying to graduate school in January.

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