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On this 85th anniversary of the signing of the Roerich Pact, bringing out to light the Banner of Peace, and which Pact is very well known and used by several institutions as UN, UNESCO…

In these times of global pandemic, radically questioning each of our values …

In this time of containment which leads us to confront our interiority and thus to face our own shadows and lights …

It seems vital to us to rely on Culture as a carrier of the beauty of the Soul to lead us in solidarity with each other to a radical change in our society based on Fraternity and our cultural values.

Considering that cultural diversity ensures the survival of the human race, while preserving the Living, The Circle International of Banner of Peace in Geneva whishes, in connection with the International Network of NGOs and museums dedicated to promote this Banner along with the Roerich Treaty of 1935 signed in Washington and the Hague Treaty of 1954, to put forward the Spirit of Peace in order to participate and help in solving this global pandemic and lead to a social, constructive and fraternal come back.

To do this, we are calling out loud for the International Instances of the UN to recognize the Banner of Peace as a Human Ideal and for the April 15th to become, in memory of the day  the Pact was signed :


We are biding for all the signatory nations, including France, to apply and renew international agreements they have ratified in favor of the protection of culture in order to implement the stated values.

On the day of the 80th anniversary, in April 2015, the UN General Secretary, Mr Ban Ki Moon was already supporting the Banner of Peace in these words : ‘’I’m calling for all the governments and nations on Earth to gather behind the Roerich Pact in order to preserve our heritage and humanity.’’

To this end, we are working together with the Roerich international network for setting up an Intercultural Museum for Peace in Geneva, of which the aim is to promote the meeting of all nations, of their cultures, philosophies and spiritualities with the wish to see it placed under the high patronage of UNESCO.

Culture is the constructive creation of all human effort. It transcends all obstacles, prejudices and intolerance. This ideal must continue until its complete success, especially in the current times.

Late President Franklin D. Roosevelt said in 1935 about the Roerich Pact for Peace : “This Treaty owns a much deeper spiritual meaning than the text of the instrument itself.”

Banner of Peace was rightly called ‘’The Red Cross of Culture’’.  As a sister of the well known Red Cross, it must act for the come back to a society respectful of Humanity and Life.

If humanity has recognized Red Cross as a protector of the sick and wounded on a physical plan, it will also recognize Banner of Peace as a symbol of peaceful prosperity and health of the mind. As JUVENAL said : “Mens sana in copore sano” (a healthy mind in a healthy body) along with Pierre de COUBERTIN (was born in Paris, died in Geneva) who created the International Olympic Commitee and highlighted this balance between body and mind.

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Furthermore, you are invited to presentations and video conference Forums with Zoom on April 15th, 2020 from 2 p.m to 4 p.m. (Warning : limited to the first 100 connected). Registration meeting : 

Finally, we are still planning our Forum Culture Peace Event on the theme of ‘’Culture and transformation of Society’’ under patronage of CIBP on October 22th and 23th, 2020.

May you also become an Actor for Peace !

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